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100 M Roll of 5/8" ID Grade A Pex-Al-Pex Tubing

• 1 Roll = 100 Meters = 320 Feet

• With Oxygen Barrier, Working Temp: -40°C to 95°C

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5/8" PEX-AL-PEX Tubing 5/8" PEX-AL-PEX Tubing

Item Description


The advantage of Plastic and Metal Combined

Grade A / Laser Produced - Don't settle for less in Quality

PEX-AL-PEX tubing has the corrosion resistance of PEX plastic pipe while still maintaining the rigid advantages of a metal pipe. The combination of PEX-AL-PEX allows for the best of both worlds. The tubing has a PEX inner and outer layer with aluminum "sandwiched" inbetween. The aluminum adds some rigidty to the tubing and also acts as an oxygen barrier to prevent corrosion of other metal components nearby.

Quality: Our PEX-AL-PEX is manufactured using lasers with the "Engel method." This means that the cross-linking is done above the crystal melting point which provides more consistent and uniform cross-linking. Grade A PEX-AL-PEX has a minimized risk of weak points, thus making it the most reliable tubing for use in application.

PEX-AL-PEX tubing has several major advantages over regular PEX tubing:

  • Added rigidity from the aluminum makes the pipe easy to bend and keeps the pipe bent the way you want it. Regular PEX is annoying to keep straight and often looks like spagetti.
  • Because the tubing stays bent in place, no elbows are necessary.
  • The feel from the aluminum during bending helps prevent over-bending.
  • Built-in Oxygen barrier that lasts.
  • Low roughness and true inside diameters resulting in better flow with less pressure loss. Low coefficient of hydraulic resistance.
  • Usable for radiant floor heating applications.
  • Longer life expectancy.
  • Higher pressure and temperature capabilities.

Grade A PEX
ISO9001, ASTMF1281
CE certified.
Safe for use with potable water.
Capable of use in Radiant Floor Systems
Service Life Expectancy: 50 Years

Duda Energy PEX-AL-PEX Specifications
PEX Tubing Size:
Inner Diameter
12mm (0.47")
16mm (0.63")
20mm (0.79")
26mm (1.02")
Outer Diameter
16mm (0.63")
20mm (0.79")
25mm (0.98")
32mm (1.26")
Overall Thickness
2mm (0.08")
3mm (0.012")
PEX Thickness:
1.7mm (0.067")
1.8mm (0.071")
2.2mm (0.087")
2.7mm (0.11")
Aluminum Thickness
0.21mm (0.008")
0.25mm (0.010")
0.28mm (0.011")
0.3mm (0.012")
Max Working Pressure:
2.5 Mpa (362 psi)
Bursting Pressure:
5.0 Mpa (725 psi)
Working Temperature:
-40°C to 95°C (-40°F to 203°F)

PEX tubing with an oxygen barrier is safe for use in radiant floor heating which may contain ferrous materials that can be corroded by the presence of oxygen over time. The oxygen barrier in PEX-AL-PEX eliminates that risk of corrosion when used in radiant floor applications.

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