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YTB-G-70 750w Motor Oil Pump

• 110v AC, 750 watts, 18.5 gpm

• Pumps motor oil and other thick oils

• 1" Ports

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YTB-G-70 750w Motor oil pump YTB-G-70 750w Motor oil pump
YTB-G-70 750w Motor oil pump YTB-G-70 750w Motor oil pump

Item Description

YTB-G Motor Oil Pumps

For pumping thick oils such as lubricating oil (motor oil), vegetable oil, animal oil and lighter oils such as diesel fuel or biodiesel

The duty cycle of this pump is typically continuous, depending on suction height and head. If a high suction height or large head is required, we recommend the higher power 1100w motor over the 750w motor on the YTB-G-70 series.

The YTB-G motor oil pump is designed for transfer of thick oils such as motor oil, vegetable oil, animal oil and can also pump lower viscosity oils such as diesel fuel and biodiesel.

Unlike with pumps designed for low viscosity fluids such as water or alcohols, motor oil pumps have a more rugged design so that the gears will not crack and break from the higher force required to move viscous fluids. However, viscous fluids still require a lot of power to move them due to the slowing of fluid flow along the sides of pipes during transfer and its natural resistance to flow easily. For this matter, the YTG-B motor oil pump may need some special care to ensure proper function.

In most conditions with light oils and oils with lower viscosity, the pump should work normally like any other pump that a user may be familiar with such as a water pump. The pump does not need to be primed and should be able to suck the oil right up to the inlet in a hose or piping.

Thicker fluids such as 10W-30 motor oil may require special handling with the YTB-G pump especially in cold weather where the oil will be more viscous and difficult to pull and push. The YTB-G motor oil pump will pull the amperage it needs to rotate the motor at the proper speed. If the oil is too viscous, this will cause too much strain on the motor, requiring too much amperage and cause overheating which will trigger the thermal protection in the unit and automatically shut it down. Please follow the below steps to avoid overheating when pumping cold or viscous fluids.
The YTB-G motor oil pump is a continuous duty pump under normal conditions. Please note that under higher strain conditions, such as pumping viscous fluids, that the duty cycle may be reduced.

Techniques for pumping thick oils

  • On the initial turn on, allow the motor to get up to full RPM prior to introducing the fluid to the pumping stream. Some examples of how to do this would be to hold the suction hose in the air and turn on the pump. Once the pump has begun spinning up to full RPMs (Less than 1 second), the suction hose can be placed into the oil source to allow for suction of the fluid into the pumping system.
  • Another method, for the case of in-line operations a ball valve should be installed prior to the suction side of the pump. Close the ball valve and turn the pump on to allow it to reach full RPMs. Once full RPMs have been reached, open the ball valve to allow fluid flow. Sometimes oil may be too viscous for the pumps and a ball valve is a great way to choke down the fluid introduced to the pump so that it will be able to move the fluid efficiently. The higher power motors are also a better solution for this issue. We have been able to pump thick glycerol in the summer using the 1100w motor, which is not a fluid thin enough for these pumps as per our recommendations.
  • In cold weather, oils are especially viscous and difficult to pump in high flow rates. If the above two methods do not allow the pump to move the fluid efficiently (overheating occurs) then the only other solution is to heat the oil. Most users will find that a lot of oils which the pump can move in the summer are too thick in the winter. Heat is sometimes the only solution for very thick oils.
YTB-G Series Motor Oil Pump Specifications
Flow Rate
40 L/min (10.5 gpm)
70 L/min (18.5 gpm)
Maximum Kinematic Viscosity
Less than 300 CST
0.2 Mpa (29 psi)
Max Working Fluid Temperature
100° C (212° F)
Port Size
Max Suction Height
4m (13 ft)
Max Lift Height
20m (66 ft)
Input Voltage/Frequency
110v AC / 60 Hz
550 Watts
750 Watts
1100 Watts
Rotation Speed
3350 rpm
Insulation Grade
F IP54



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