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Large Silicone Pail heater

• 750W/120V Safe for Plastic Pails

• With Adjustable Thermostat

• 790mm x 200mm (31.1" x 7.9")

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5 gallon large pail heater 5 gallon large pail heater

Item Description

Silicone Heaters

Designed for heating metal and plastic containers.

This heater is controlled by an adjustable thermostat. Flexible springs are used to attach the silicon heater around various diameter drums. The springs can stretch up to about 3 inches.

We carry both insulated and non-insulated heaters. Insulated heaters resist heat from conducting out of the silicone and into the air. This insulation helps heat faster and also helps in retaining heat and saving electricity in the heating process. We highly recommend using our insulated silicone heaters when high temperatures need to be obtained or temperatures need to be maintained for a long time.

Silicone Heater Specifications
Small Pail Heater
Large Pail Heater
Small Drum Heater
Large Drum Heater
790mm (31.1")
1740mm (68.5")
102mm (4")
200mm (7.9")
102mm (4")
250mm (10")
Silicone Thickness:
1.5mm (.06")
Thermostat Range
30°C to 150°C
Input Power
120v, 60 Hz
400 Watts
750 Watts
700 Watts
1500 Watts


Foam Insulation Specifications

5.5mm (1/4")
Thermal Conductivity

US R-Value: 0.85 Btu/(hr ft °F)

SI R-Value: 0.15 Km2/W



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