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Welded PTFE Coated PE Felt Filter Bag

• 0.5 Micron, with Plastic Collar Flange

• Size#1, 16" Length, 7" Diameter

• Welded filter bags maintain the efficiency of the filter media

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Welded size#1 PTFE Coated Filter Bag Welded size#1 PTFE Coated Filter Bag

Item Description

Welded Industrial Filter Bags

Use for Filtering Any Liquid

Welded filter bags offer some advantages over sewn filter bags:

  • No needle holes
  • No Thread Contamination
  • Precision bonded cutting of the fabric edges
  • Maintains the same efficiency of the filter media

Our welded filter bags have a durable plastic flange with handles for easy removal from a filter bag housing. The welded seams completely eliminate the possibility of unfiltered liquid bypass occurring due to needle holes. The result is a tighter seam with higher filtering efficiencies and improved finished product yields. The fused edges of the welded bag also provide a fiber-free finish which essentially eliminates any fiber migration from the bag to the working fluid. There is no possibility of silicone contamination since there are no threads.

General Introduction to Liquid Filtration

All filtration and screening involves limiting the passage of various sized solids by means of a barrier or fabric or media. This is done in two ways, by depth filtration using graded density material called felt or by surface filtration using filament woven material called mesh. Woven bags in turn have two basic varieties: multi-filament and monofilament. In any application, variables such as flow volume, solids loading, shape and density of contaminants and other factors make this an inexact science. A general description of separation methods of media is helpful.


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