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6" Diameter Dry Wash Tower with 21 lb Resin

• Ion Exchange Column with 21 lb DudaLite DW-R10 Resin in a Pail

• Max Flow Rate of 9.5 gph, Fluoroelastomer (Like Viton) Gaskets

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Item Pictures
tower with resin included tower with resin included
ion-exchange resin dry wash tower ion-exchange resin dry wash tower
flange for dry wash tower flange for dry wash tower
inside of tower flange inside of tower flange

viton gasket for flanges viton gasket for flanges

Item Description

Heavy Duty Ion-Exchange Tower / Column

Ion Exchange Columns are essential for using the DudaLite DW-R10 Ion Exchange Resin in dry washing biodiesel. Simply load these columns with the resin approx. halfway, seal the top, and slowly push your unwashed biodiesel through it to filter out soaps, glycerin and other contaminates. Use of this product with DudaLite will bring your biodiesel to ASTM specifications and make the highest quality of fuel. No more waiting for water washing and no more disposal problems with the wash water. Our ion exchange resin can be thrown away with your regular garbage safetly.

All of our towers are professional welded, pressure tested and powder coated to last. Our towers are made of heavier, thicker material than others. The 6" diameter tower is 75 lbs empty, with 7 gauge flanges, 1/8 wall tubing, two 100 mesh stainless wire mesh screens and two support screens. They are also taller than others to allow for more expansion of the resin. With plenty of room for expansion there is less risk of tower damage to over filling. The 6" diameter towers are 54 inches top screen to bottom screen. 74 inches with tripod stand. Our 12" diameter towers are also taller. They are 76 inches top screen to bottom screen. All towers are also top to bottom or bottom to top flow. When you receive the tower you get to choose the direction of flow. In case of over pressurization all 100 mesh screens and support screens can be replaced very easily. No cutting or rewelding required. In case you should happen to get a ripped screen from over filling, Just unbolt the cover, unbolt the screen, replace screen, rebolt, and you're ready to go.

Fluoroelastomer (Like Viton) Gaskets: Our towers are made with fluoroelastomer gaskets. These gaskets will never wear out from contact with the Biodiesel. Most other towers use regular rubber, which will require changing every so often.

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