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Cam Lock Coupler

• 2" Socket x Cap / Stopper

• Cam and Groove Adapter

• 304 Stainless Steel

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2" Cam Lock Coupler Cap 2" Cam Lock Coupler Cap

Item Description

Duda's Cam Lock Fittings

Cam-and-Groove Hose Couplings

by Duda Energy

Duda's Stainless Steel Cam Lock Fittings, also known as Cam-and-Groove couplings are strong and durable. They provide quick access to medium and large pipe connections.

These coupling consist of two pieces. The first is a socket (also known as a coupler) and the second is the plug (also known as an adapter). To work together, they must be of the same size. The socket has a Buna-N (Nitrile) gasket and 304 stainless steel pull rings. To connect, insert the plug into the socket and pull the levers. The levers fit snugly into the groove on the plug's body and force the plug down against the gasket to form a tight seal. To disconnect, lift both levers and pull out the plug. Be sure to relieve pressure from the system before disconnecting the cam lock fittings.

Duda Energy Cam Lock Specifications
Max Working Pressure @ 72°F
10 Bar (145 Psi)
Gasket Material (Sockets Only)
Buna-N (Nitrile Rubber / NBR)
Body Material
304 Stainless Steel
Lever Material
Fitting Options
Male NPT, Female NPT, Hose Barb, Cap/Plug



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