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Food Grade Phosphoric Acid, 211# Drum

• 210# = Approx. 15 Gallons

• 85% Concentration

• Ships by Motor Freight Only

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15 gallon drum of 85% phosphoric acid 15 gallon drum of 85% phosphoric acid

Item Description

Phosphoric Acid

Food Grade, 85% Concentration

by Duda Energy

Chemical Formula: H3PO4 Density: 98g/ml

Phosphoric acid is often used to acidify foods and beverages such as carious colas. It provides a tangy and sour taste.

We use Phosphoric acid to treat the by-product of biodiesel. after methanol extraction, using phosphoric acid allows a clean separation of the glycerin and soaps. If done correctly, it can yield 90% pure glycerin.

May also be used as a rust remover/inhibitor. Dilute to a 25-50% concentration with water and soak rusted metal parts. Over time, rust will remove and the phosphoric acid reacts with the metal to create a rust inhibiting barrier on the metal. Be sure to use gloves! Great for cleaning residue from metals.


HAZARDOUS CHEMICAL: This item may not be compatible with other hazardous materials. Please view the compatibility chart if you plan to order multiple, hazardous items together. If you need two chemicals which are not compatible, please order them separately, as they cannot be shipped in the same box.

Hazardous chemicals can only be shipped to the 48 US states and Canada. They also cannot be shipped to an APO. Hazardous chemicals may only be shipped via fedex ground.

This product ships as a consumer commodity ORM-D. There are no extra fees to ship this item.

This product is made in the USA.


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